×6 Cleaners at RandWater

Job Description:

Summary of Job Advertisement:

Responsible for maintaining cleanliness in offices, workshops, plants, ablution facilities, pavements, and surrounding areas.

Minimum Requirements:

Completion of Grade 121 year of relevant cleaning experience Basic computer skills Fundamental knowledge of stock management

Primary Responsibilities:

Conduct twice-daily cleaning of all ablution and shower rooms, ensuring adequate provision of hygiene essentialsReport any building misconduct, damages, or furniture removal to the supervisor

Sweep paved areas, including those surrounding buildings, workshops, and plant roomsClean parking areas and building entrancesDaily cleaning of entrances, conference rooms, and servicing of dustbins

Maintain cleanliness of garden areas, including picking up litter and debrisProper use of cleaning chemicals following specified instructionsCleaning of handrails, staircases, windows up to 3 meters in height, microwaves, fridges, and door handlesWall wrapping and vacuuming of offices and open-plan areas

Assistance with furniture moving upon requestPreparation of refuse for collection by service providerDusting of desks, cupboards, chairs, and furnitureWeekly cleaning of roofs, solar panels, and management parking areas

Required Knowledge:

Hygiene standardsOccupational Health and Safety and Environmental protocolsMaterial Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)MS Office applicationsBasic understanding of cleaning chemicals and equipment

Familiarity with safe working procedures

Skills:Proficient in cleaning tasks

Effective communication and interpersonal skillsProblem-solving abilities

Performance-driven mindset Teamwork orientationCustomer service focusSelf-discipline and motivation Ability to work under pressureOrganizational flexibility Client service orientation

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