Travel Agent Admin

Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng

Job Description:

The primary responsibilities include:

  • Providing comprehensive information regarding facilities, services, events, attractions, tours, travel routes, and transportation schedules tailored to niche clientele.
  • Coordinating all aspects of travel arrangements throughout the value chain, including flight bookings, travel insurance, and addressing complaints in collaboration with the Leadership Team to achieve resolution.
  • Meeting monthly targets set by line management by leveraging sales opportunities and promoting destinations, tour packages, and related services.
  • Offering guidance on various travel-related matters such as visas, passports, itineraries, currency, language, safety, and health.
  • Sourcing travel products and information specifically for high-end clients and arranging additional services for VIP customers or special events.
  • Conducting online shopping on behalf of customers through eBucks Online Shopping.
  • Handling airline ticket issuance, booking arrangements, appointments, reservations, and processing payments from clients to suppliers for confirmation documentation.
  • Advising clients on travel terms and conditions, including cancellation policies, and providing after-hours emergency assistance.
  • Introducing new initiatives and creative concepts to enhance service offerings.

Job Details:

Application Closing Date: 01/03/24

All appointments will adhere to FirstRand Group’s Employment Equity plan. The organization supports the recruitment and progression of individuals with disabilities. Candidates may voluntarily disclose their disability information, which will be kept confidential unless legally required to be disclosed to other parties by the Bank.

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