General Assistant At Cashbuild

Job Responsibilities

Guarantee comprehensive customer service within the store, including tasks such as loading and organizing stock, labeling shelf prices, and maintaining cleanliness in the designated area of responsibility.


Completion of Grade 12 or a minimum of one year of relevant work experience Proficiency in English and the primary language spoken in the local geographical area Accurate basic calculation skills Willingness to work flexible hours, including shifts, weekends, and public holidays Capability to perform effectively under pressure

Job Duties

Customer Service

Greet and assist all customers, addressing their needs appropriately Provide accurate product advice to customers Assist customers with product inquiries and promptly handle any complaints Facilitate additional sales by suggesting complementary items Ensure efficient customer service by loading purchases promptly and carefully Inform customers about additional services such as delivery, bulk deposits, glass cutting, credit programs, special orders, and more Maintain certification in product knowledge and be readily available in the assigned aisle


Ensure the designated area is obstacle-free, promptly merchandise received stock, and provide a safe and convenient shopping environment Ensure accurate shelf price labeling within the assigned area Complete required checklists, including those for the canteen and toilet/showers schedule

Safety (OHSA) Requirements

Comply with safety (OHSA) regulations, including the use of safety gear, to ensure the safety of customers and staff within the designated area Merchandise stock in a safe manner, allowing customers and colleagues to move securely within the store Report any discrepancies to the store manager

Ready for Business

Adhere to the “Ready for Business” and “Beyond my Control” guidelines as per the CB Way

Loss Prevention and Security

Identify and address gaps in displays, investigating causes and reporting concerns to management Be vigilant for suspicious behaviors or individuals and promptly report any suspicions to management Ensure no product is loaded for a customer without proof of purchase or required documentation

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