Content Creator at Wishare Media Group

Job Description Overview: Compensation: $200 per project

Role: Content Creator

This position plays a vital role in the team’s achievements, focusing on generating, inspiring, and crafting captivating advertising and social media content.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Demonstrates a passion for content creation and stays abreast of the latest trends.
  • Excels in conceptualizing, scripting, and producing engaging short-form content for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Possesses adept storytelling abilities while fostering community engagement.
  • Actively participates in and contributes to brainstorming and work sessions aimed at messaging development for key initiatives.

Primary Responsibilities:

Content Creation:

  • Develops compelling Instagram and TikTok posts and videos to highlight clients’ products and services.
  • Generates engaging user-generated content (UGC).
  • Keeps abreast of social media trends, challenges, and features.

Script Development:

  • Crafts creative briefs and scripts for videos and designs, overseeing production processes in collaboration with in-house, freelance, and UGC creators.
  • Utilizes experience to craft content with viral potential across diverse social media platforms.

Planning and Posting:

  • Collaborates closely with the Creative Director to design and implement social media strategies spanning platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok.
  • Brainstorms and pitches creative concepts for social media campaigns and activations.
  • Manages content calendars aligned with brand positioning and long-term objectives.
  • Oversees link placements and platform analytics.

Research and Reporting:

  • Investigates and reports on social media trends, including sounds, features, challenges, creators, dances, industry news, and algorithm updates.

Cross-Platform Integration:

  • Works closely with other vendors to ensure seamless and cohesive content integration across platforms.
  • Leverages social media content for cross-promotion on diverse channels.


  • 3 to 5 years of experience in social media content creation, encompassing campaign building, content creation, engagement driving, social advertising, and campaign analytics.
  • Portfolio submission is mandatory.
  • Demonstrated experience as a scriptwriter, particularly focusing on creating viral short-form video content.
  • Proficiency in storytelling and conveying messages succinctly and persuasively.
  • 3+ years of experience creating content for social media and user-generated content.
  • Portfolio showcasing storytelling on TikTok and links to social media accounts.
  • Ability to receive feedback and implement modifications during project development.
  • Strong attention to detail, strategic thinking, and creative storytelling instincts.
  • Capability to manage multiple projects with overlapping deadlines.

Job Details:

  • Contract-based with commission.
  • Compensation: Starting from $200.00 per day.


  • Flexible hours, Monday to Friday, with no weekend work.

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree required.
  • 3 years of experience in content creation (mandatory).
  • 1 year of video production experience (preferred).
  • 2 years of social media marketing experience (mandatory).

Work Location: Remote

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