Administrator at First Rand Limited

Location Johannesburg, Gauteng

Complete job description

Job Description

  • Provide proficient and effective administrative support to ensure the seamless operation of a specific area.
  • Manage expenses within approved budgets to achieve cost effectiveness.
  • Foster and maintain productive relationships with various stakeholders, including end-users, subject matter experts (SMEs), project managers, and senior personnel.
  • Efficiently address all customer queries within agreed timelines.
  • Deliver outstanding service that surpasses customers’ expectations through proactive, innovative, and suitable solutions.
  • Stay updated on changes in laws, regulations, initiatives, and relevant industry practices, and implement appropriate measures.
  • Adhere to governance standards regarding legislative and audit requirements.
  • Establish and manage filing systems for the business unit to facilitate efficient service delivery.
  • Maintain all administrative processes for the department’s operational activities.
  • Offer accurate and efficient administrative support to ensure precision within the functional area.
  • Provide timely and accurate management information.
  • Strategically plan and oversee the performance, skills development, employment equity, talent, and cultural aspects of the team to enhance innovation, efficiency, and competencies.
  • Take ownership of personal development to enhance individual competencies.

Job Details

Application Closing Date: 05/05/24

All appointments will be made in accordance with FirstRand Group’s Employment Equity plan. The Bank actively promotes the recruitment and progression of individuals with disabilities. Candidates are encouraged to voluntarily disclose their disability information for this purpose. The Bank will treat this information confidentially, unless required by law to disclose it to other parties.

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