Management Accountant at Mintek

Introduction: Mintek is offering a compelling career opportunity for a Management Accountant. The selected candidate will assume responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of financial data within the general ledger, facilitating the compilation of annual financial statements in compliance with legislative requirements and accepted norms. We welcome applications from suitably qualified and experienced individuals.

Duties & Responsibilities: Key Performance Indicators:

Management Accounts:

  • Generate and analyze management reports for assigned divisions.
  • Conduct thorough analyses to guarantee the accurate processing of revenue and expenditure to the appropriate GL accounts. Investigate and rectify incorrect postings through journalization.
  • Identify the root causes of incorrect postings and implement corrective measures to prevent future occurrences.
  • Execute monthly period-end procedures and related analytical tasks as needed.
  • Investigate budget variances and communicate findings to Mintek management.
  • Compile monthly management packs for Strategic Business Units (SBUs), incorporating management accounting and project information as required.

Budget Management:

  • Provide financial insights to divisions during annual budgeting and regular forecasting.
  • Conduct trend analysis per division to facilitate accurate budgeting. Advise SBU managers on common mistakes.
  • Set up divisional budget templates and support budget reviews by guiding divisions and compiling budget packs.
  • Calculate annual labor rates per division.
  • Provide financial guidance to SBUs in determining cost recovery rates.
  • Manage budget transfers on IFS (Opex vs. Capex).
  • Monitor actual expenditure related to CAPEX against budgeted targets, addressing issues arising from the CAPEX process related to management accounting and project matters.

Project Administration:

  • Ensure adherence to the SAP Project Administration system by reviewing and evaluating processes, ensuring compliance with SOPs.
  • Review individual project establishment through supporting documentation and release compliant projects in the system.
  • Evaluate and monitor project accuracy through the review of planning documentation and actual revenue/expenditure.
  • Review monthly billing of projects and release to FI IFS.
  • Monitor, reconcile, and exercise control over SBU financial functions.
  • Review revenue reserves for reasonability and perform sample calculations to ensure accurate revenue recognition.


  • Coordinate with auditors and SBU managers.
  • Complete and submit statutory returns to the South African Reserve Bank and STATS SA.
  • Conduct regular feedback sessions with SBU managers regarding their financials and report to the Head of Budget and Project Management.
  • Assist in business improvement and cost reduction initiatives within business units.
  • Collaborate extensively with other departments in Finance and within the larger company environment.

Desired Experience & Qualification: Qualification and Experience:

  • BCom Honours Degree or equivalent qualification.
  • 3 to 5 years of experience in a management and cost accounting environment.
  • Computer literacy (MS Windows, Word, Excel). IFS proficiency will be advantageous.
  • Essential experience in Project Management.

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