Driver for Job Crystal

Driver – Gauteng

Position: Company Driver

Responsibilities of Company Driver:

• Safely transport various company products and materials to and from designated locations, ensuring timely delivery.

• Provide safe transportation for the director’s children to and from school, and family members to different destinations as needed.

• Safely drive the company director to meetings and other required locations.

• Assist with general office administration when not driving, including involvement in tender administration.

• Attend tender briefing sessions, gather necessary information, and contribute to the preparation and submission of tender documents.

• Assist in loading and unloading staff luggage, products, and materials.

• Adapt travel routes to avoid traffic congestion or road construction.

• Immediately report any issued tickets against the company vehicle during work hours.

• Ensure the company vehicle is consistently parked in permissible areas to prevent towing.

• Keep the company vehicle clean and well-maintained through regular washing, cleaning, and maintenance.

• Provide accurate time records of the company vehicle’s arrivals and departures.

• Report any accidents, injuries, or vehicle damage to management.

Job Specification for Company Driver:


• Preferably a high school diploma or Matric.

• Possession of a valid driver’s license.

• Clean driving record.

• Proficient knowledge of road safety regulations.

• Familiarity with local roads and routes.

• Ability to use maps, GPS systems, and car manuals effectively.

• Strong communication skills.

• Punctual and reliable.

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