Administrator at First Rand Limited

Job Description:

Support the efficient operation of a functional area by providing effective administration assistance.

Manage expenses within approved budgets to enhance cost efficiencies.

Deliver exceptional service that surpasses customer expectations through proactive, innovative, and suitable solutions.

Resolve customer queries promptly and within agreed-upon timelines.Maintain efficient electronic tracking and monitoring processes for administrative and process support activities and timelines.

Enhance business decisions by furnishing accurate and dependable business intelligence, including trend analysis and data evaluation.

Plan and oversee performance, skills development, employment equity, talent, and team management to foster innovation, achieve efficiencies, and enhance competencies.

Job Details

Application Closing Date: 28/02/24

All appointments will adhere to the FirstRand Group’s Employment Equity plan.

The Bank advocates for the recruitment and progression of individuals with disabilities.

Candidates may voluntarily disclose their disability information to facilitate this purpose.

The Bank will maintain the confidentiality of this information unless legally obligated to disclose it to other parties.

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