Administrative Clerk At Bidvest Logistics

Job Objective The primary objective is to guarantee that the processing and documentation filing for all customers adhere to BidvestIL Standard Operating Procedures. Additionally, handle various administrative tasks as directed by superiors.

Qualifications & Background

  • Completion of Grade 12 or equivalent
  • 1-2 years of administration experience (Warehouse experience is a plus)
  • 1-2 years of experience in capturing Proof of Deliveries (PODs)
  • Customer service background
  • Advantageous to have Warehouse Management System (WMS) experience, specifically in Cargowise
  • Knowledge of hazardous chemicals and environments



  • Ensure timely receipt of all documentation, including MSDS, packing lists, return notes, and delivery notes
  • Scan and file all relevant documentation daily, keeping originals on file
  • Create receipts on CW1, print pallet IDs, and provide them to the putaway operator
  • Capture and file bin verifications
  • Complete the capturing on CW1 and finalize the receipt
  • Forward receiving documentation to the client requesting ASN document for inbound
  • Ensure timely communication through emails to all relevant parties


  • Verify receipt of all documents before dispatching cargo
  • Confirm correctness of documents for dispatch
  • Enter dispatch notifications into daily workload upon receipt
  • Capture all relevant information from the client’s delivery note into ISC or CW1
  • Submit the picking slip to the ops supervisor for picking and communicate the dispatch date
  • Ensure accurate and signed pick slips
  • Compile documents for dispatch, cross-check physical stock against the delivery note, and place documents in the outbound tray
  • Alert superiors of any deviations and discrepancies
  • Ensure timely communication through emails to all relevant parties


  • Update billing daily, including receipts and dispatches


  • Maintain and update daily stock reports
  • Investigate and document all variances thoroughly
  • Communicate all variances to clients and management
  • Ensure operator-conducted verifications and counts are accurate and completed
  • Reconcile physical figures against system figures
  • Conduct monthly stock counts for all clients
  • Treat all documentations as important and file them neatly and correctly
  • Regularly conduct cycle and stock counts


  • Ensure timely updates of bin-to-bin transfers on the system, including grouping and item management

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