Admin and Logistics Assistant at Minopex

Complete job description Introduction

This role will be stationed at our Head Office located in Woodmead.


The role is designed to oversee secretarial, clerical, and administrative functions, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of our organization.

Duties and Responsibilities Functional Role: Travel Management: Coordinate all travel arrangements for staff, including flights, accommodations, and ground transportation. Manage travel itineraries, adapt to last-minute changes, and ensure compliance with budget and policy guidelines. Handle the procurement of necessary documentation for Visa/Work Permits and attestation. Collaborate with the Office Manager on required documentation and assist with urgent travel adjustments. Maintain a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s travel policies and ensure adherence. Process travel-related expenses, monitor reimbursements, and track expenditures against budget allocations. Administrative Support: Perform various administrative duties, such as managing calendars, scheduling meetings, handling communications, and maintaining records. Liaison and Communication: Act as the primary point of contact for travel vendors, employees, and stakeholders. This includes negotiating with vendors, resolving travel-related issues, and providing guidance and assistance. Event Planning and Coordination: Assist in the coordination of events, including travel and accommodation arrangements, venue bookings, and logistics coordination. Documentation and Record Keeping: Maintain detailed records of travel arrangements, bookings, and administrative tasks. Problem Solving: Address and resolve any issues or emergencies related to travel or administrative duties.

Qualification Requirements Matriculation certificate (Grade 12). Qualifications in Travel and Tourism or Secretarial studies are advantageous.

Experience and Skills Requirements

Minimum of 5 years of experience in travel management, with expertise in arranging complex travel plans, particularly involving visas, logistics, etc., preferably in the mining or process plant sectors. 2 years of experience in managing embassy relations, visa applications, and understanding international regulations. Ability to perform effectively under pressure and be available after hours in case of travel emergencies. Previous experience in Office administration or Secretary roles is beneficial. Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications. Excellent communication skills. Strong ethical principles and work integrity. Exceptional time management skills. Ability to multitask effectively. Keen attention to detail in all documentation. Cost-consciousness and resource optimization skills. Must possess reliable means of transportation.

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